Concept and design for the revitalization of a former creek as an urban Eco Park, Madras, India

Completion: November 2004 | Size/Surface: 50 acres

The Adyar Creek, also known as the Adyar Estuary is one of the oldest eco systems of Chennai. Through the rejuvenation of the creek this design aims to implement an Eco Park as a possible model for the improvement of the city. The landscaped is balancing water bodies, wetlands and land in order to create an area for the preservation and conservation of the flora and fauna in the region. The park is not only a leisure destination but also serve as an educational experience including amenities such as trails and information kiosks, a world class musical fountain, an amphitheater, an education centre, a children’s play area and manicured gardens. The Eco Park is designed as a sequence of the three major eco system which prevailed in the area: the Coastal Wetlands (mangroves), the Water Tank Ecosystem (barringtonia acutangula as in Vedandangal Lake) and the Indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest of the Coromandel Coast characteristic of the southern part of the Indian subcontinent.