Construction of the Historic Archives of the City and Rehabilitation of the Historic Estate "Carmen del Negro”, Albaicín, Granada, Spain

Competition: 1st prize, May 2002 | Completion: 2009 | Client: Patrimonio Albaicin | Contractor: ACSA Agbar, UCOP | Cost: 4.7M Euro | Surface: 3.900 qm | Partner: Guillermo García-Hoz, architect | Constr. Eng.: Luis Zarandieta | Consultants: Tomas Dalda, structural engineer | Collaborators: Óscar García, Nuria Aragonés, Gerard Bastidas architects

The new Historic Archives of the City of Granada are currently under construction in one of the last unbuilt plots of the Albaicin, the urban extension of the Alhambra Palace and the Generalife Gardens listed World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1993. The project, a winning entry in an open competition in 2002, was understood as an opportunity to create an open public space, a roof garden, which profits from a exceptional location within the heritage around it.